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"Writers view & Shodh Simankan" An Interdisciplinary, bilingual, bi-annual, a peer review or refereed, Indexed & Open Accesses International Research Journal

Research is a continuous intellectual process of mind. It is helpful to purify our knowledge and evoke the ultimate level of wisdom. ‘‘Writers view & Shodh Simankan’ is an international, interdisciplinary, bilingual, bi-annual referred and indexed research journal that provides a platform for publication of substantial and original research papers, articles and reviews which focus on international and national issues, management, language, art, education, science, commerce, culture and other relevant aspects of society. ‘Writers view & Shodh Simankan’ has been publishing since 2016 to provide help in raising the standard and quality of research.

Research Papers published in ‘‘Writers view & Shodh Simankan’ is being considered for Research purpose by various Research Agencies, Research scholars and various Universities in India and Abroad. Contributors are requested to maintain the level of Quality and Authenticity of Research papers as well as References mention in Research Papers before sending for publication Purpose.

We invite scholars to accompany with us so that they get a better platform to show and prove themselves with their un-tapped, under and unutilized assets of research work.

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